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Innoport® starts offering virtual phone numbers with local area codes

National phone number coverage satisfies overwhelming demand from businesses with local market concentration

Philadelphia, PA - September 11, 2004 - Intellicomm Inc., a leading provider of enhanced communication services, introduced a new personal service plan, the Omni plan, to its innoport unified communications suite and more phone number choices for the innoport Corporate service plan. Both plans allow customers to choose virtual phone numbers with area codes across the United States. These numbers may be used for receiving faxes via email, accessing voice mail by phone or on a computer, forwarding calls to up to 5 phone numbers sequentially or as an auto attendant number with multiple mailboxes branching from them. The Corporate plan continues to offer toll-free numbers as an alternative. As well, the Toll-Free plan remains a personal service plan offering. While all innoport service plans are priced affordably, more economical options are available for customers willing to accept a metropolitan Philadelphia area code number.

innoport already serves customers across the nation and in over 35 countries worldwide, but the addition of local phone numbers is in response to the vast demand the company has received by businesses that market their services to only local customers and that prefer a local number to a toll free number. Requests have also been received by businesses that want to establish the presence of satellite offices in other cities, giving their customers a local number to call and yet, directing all messages and calls back to their actual site.

Many international businesses are only interested in projecting a U.S. presence and are not particular about the area code assignment. Therefore, innoport continues to carry lower cost plans that provision a 267 area code from the metropolitan Philadelphia region. Intellicomm has also seen that many international businesses merely want to give their U.S. suppliers and partners a domestic fax number to dial in order to help them cut international long distance charges while faxing administrative and legal documents.

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Innoport was developed by Intellicomm Inc., which has evolved into an enhanced communication services firm. Established in 1994, the company's knowledge and experience in designing and implementing custom Internet applications combined with its expertise in building a unified communications platform has led to the delivery of integration-based innoport solutions for corporate clients across various industries. Intellicomm remains focused on expanding its flagship innoport service to provide ubiquitous information access and management as well as on developing custom innoport solutions for automating the workflow processes of enterprise business operations. Intellicomm is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and its corporate website is Innoport can be found on the web at

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