Fax food orders to restaurants directly from a webform!

Automate your outbound fax workflow in minutes with Innoport's developer fax API.

For restaurant websites and online order taking sites

Online order fulfillment becomes a breeze with Innoport's HTTPS fax API. You will be amazed by the ease of integration and you will be taking food orders through the web in no time. Starting at only $5.95 per month for access to the fax integration toolkit, you simply pay for usage as you go when orders are faxed.

Benefits of Innoport's fax integration toolkit:

  • Ease of integration;
  • Works with any programming language that makes HTTPS calls (ASP, JSP, PHP, VB, .NET, Cold Fusion, C/C++, Java, C#, etc.);
  • Flexibility in checking status of sent faxes to ensure orders are going out;
  • Automatic retry to fax numbers which are busy to better manage orders during rush hours (breakfast, lunch, dinner);
  • Pay mere cents to fulfill each order;
  • Have food ready for your hungry patrons quicker!

Service plans to consider:

Personal service plans for low to moderate volume users
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Standard Corporate for multiple fax number management and high volume users
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