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Intellicomm's Innoport® Plan Gives Small Businesses Big Advantages

Intellicomm's Jump Start plan dramatically lowers the cost of a virtual phone system complete with voice mail and fax to email, giving small businesses the same customer-friendly, professional services enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies

Philadelphia, PA - May 15, 2006 - Intellicomm, a leading provider of unified communications services, today announced it has expanded its popular "Jump Start" plan, of its flagship product Innoport®, to include area codes in over twenty states nationwide, making it easy for startups and small businesses - including organizations with multiple locations in different area codes - to cost-effectively unify their inbound phone calls, voicemail, and fax under a single service.

Starting at just $9.95 a month, with an easy browser-based setup that takes under ten minutes to complete, the Innoport Jump Start plan gives any small organization a comprehensive "virtual phone system" that can handle all incoming phone calls and faxes as professionally as any Fortune 500 company - all through one phone number. Now small businesses can give customers, prospects, suppliers, and employees a single local or toll free telephone number to use for all their calls and faxes, and know that every call will be professionally answered, routed, or otherwise handled.

"Unifying voice, fax, and email is a smart way for any startup or small business to better manage their communications and to quickly appear as if they are a Fortune 500 company," says Harprit Singh, CEO of Intellicomm. "It's a crucial competitive edge because the impact of a service like this is threefold - lower startup costs, better image, and increased productivity. But most small businesses don't have the telephone or fax traffic to justify a full-blown on premise PBX system, nor can they usually afford one. Now, in less time than it takes to read the morning paper, our Jump Start plan gives companies all the advantages of a first-class virtual phone system, at a fraction of the cost."

Intellicomm's Web-based Innoport service uses a highly evolved auto-attendant that is controlled and customized with simple rules and menuing options. This allows anyone, from the CEO to the office assistant, to easily design and deploy advanced phone call and fax management capabilities, such as:

  • Incoming Call Identifier that lets employees know what menu option the caller selected before answering, so employees can properly handle the call. This helps multi-tasking employees quickly differentiate sales calls from technical support calls, for example.
  • Find Me/Follow Me Schedules that track down on-call personnel by automatically forwarding incoming calls to up to five telephone numbers.
  • One-Line Fax Reception that allows businesses to receive faxes via email on the same number as their voicemail. The faxes show up as industry-standard Adobe® PDF or TIF attachments in e-mail, or can be forwarded to a secure FTP site.
  • Dual Fax Sending that allows businesses to send individual or broadcast faxes from the Web or any e-mail software.
  • Universal Voice Mail Access that allows businesses to dial in or receive voice mail messages as digital audio attachments in e-mail.

Additional features include:

  • Live Extension Transfer that passes callers from one extension to another, or even to an external telephone number in order to find the appropriate contact.
  • Call Screening that prompts callers to announce themselves, and lets employees choose whether to accept the call, or send it to voice mail.
  • Call Routing that presents a detailed, fully customizable greeting menu (such as "press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, or press 0 for the receptionist"), and automatically routes calls based on the callers' selections.
  • Customizable Greetings that can be tailored to play different messages at different times; e.g., a "good morning" message or a "we're sorry, we're closed" message for after hours callers.
  • Customizable Music that plays when a caller is on hold.
  • And much more!

The comprehensive feature set from Innoport can be controlled anytime, anywhere, through a simple browser-based Web interface, giving startups and small businesses unprecedented control in managing the virtual phone system features. Jump Start clients can easily scale up to meet additional communications requirements as their businesses grow, or scale down when cost-cutting or other downsizing needs arise.

"We're leveling the playing field for startups and small businesses nationwide," Harprit says. "I encourage anyone who is running a small or new business to spend the minutes it takes to Jump Start their state-of-the-art virtual communications system, and immediately gain a leg up on their competition."

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