Communicate Virtually Anywhere ®

Communications is the driving force behind every aspect of our lives. In today's society, we have become accustomed to receiving messages from every direction and calls no matter where we are. Innoport® unified communications services marries voice, fax, and data messages and delivers ubiquitous access to real-time communications.

In our commitment to be your single source for integrated communications, we've designed Innoport with flexibility and adaptability in mind. Providing benefits as efficiency, organization, mobility and privacy, Innoport is applicable in all industries and caters to the full spectrum of businesses, spanning from Fortune companies to small and midsize enterprises (SME). With no additional investments to consider, Innoport allows you to scale rapidly to keep up with your business' rate of growth. Interoperability and seamless integration also attribute to the quick deployment of Innoport.

Subscribe to Innoport and receive a virtual telephone number. Your personal toll-free or local phone number will be the last number you will ever need to give out. This one number serves as both a voice and fax number or you may designate it for use as just one or the other. If your number is set for both voice and fax, Innoport automatically distinguishes between a voice call and fax signal, so callers do not have to press any additional keys.

Unified Messaging

As a subset of unified communications, unified messaging facilitates message retrieval by channeling your voice and fax messages into your email. Whether you are traveling, at work, or at home, all your messages are conveniently delivered to your email account, relieving you from the worries of missing important messages. Voice mail comes to your email as audio files in WAV format while faxes arrive as PDF or TIF attachments. Bypass traditional faxing with a paperless fax solution that also lets you send faxes from the web or directly from your email account.

To deliver on the promise of universal accessibility, you also have an online account for collecting and downloading messages as well as the ability to dial-in and pick up voice mail messages and fax header information by phone.

Unified Communications

The umbrella under which the Innoport suite of services fall. Taking the ideal of ubiquity or near ubiquity one step further, Innoport enhances your real-time communications experience with hosted PBX and find me/follow me capabilities. With Innoport's hosted PBX solution, you will have a virtual receptionist in minutes. Instantly set up an automated attendant for transferring calls to the proper extensions. Find me/follow me can be set up to forward calls through a routing sequence of up to 5 phone numbers until you pick up. Unanswered calls return to voice mail for retrieval by phone or email.

Innoport's hosted PBX improves a small business' image overnight with a professional office telephone system. Large corporations can replace aging PBX equipment with a fully versatile, off-site solution that offers the most advanced features at fractions less than investing in an upgrade or an overhaul of existing PBX systems. Other utilities include connecting remote workforces or satellite offices to the main headquarters and implementation as a call center solution.

Find me/follow me not only masks private numbers, but satisfies professionals constantly on-the-go, such as a salesforce tasked to perform outside sales.