A Fax and Phone System for the Healthcare Community

Improving the quality of life for the industry that helps lives.

Healthcare solutions for providers and payers

Innoport's unified communications suite delivers healthcare solutions to fit electronic medical record (EMR) systems, hospitals and hospital systems, private medical and dental practices, pharmacies, health insurance companies and health benefits administrators.

Because of the implications associated with protected health information (PHI) under HIPAA, we offer several secure fax advantages.


  • Secure faxing for compliance
    Easily archive sensitive patient and health insurance data for fast and efficient record-keeping.
  • Improve workflow with Paperless faxes
    Increase productivity in key functions involving claims processing and adjudication, patient referral authorizations and pharmacy prescriptions.
  • Save Money
    Get rid of your old fax machine and fax line and save money using Innoport's enhanced fax services.
  • Mobile faxing for universal access
    Get immediate access to analyses and reports on patients while performing rounds.
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Hosted PBX solution

  • Auto attendant with custom menu options and extension numbers.
  • Separate open and closed hours main greetings.
  • Find me/follow me to forward calls through a sequence of up to five phone numbers.
  • Voicemail to email sends voicemail as .wav audio files to your email.
  • Only attend to calls from authorized callers using our calling party access code feature.
  • Hold/retrieve functionality and music while callers wait.
  • Unattended extension transfer passes callers between departments.


  • Virtual receptionist for a physician's or dentist's office
    Boost the image of your private practice with a professional sounding office phone system.
  • Dictation system
    Cut the cost and training time of your transcription workflow. Doctors simply dictate through the phone and recordings are automatically sent to transcriptionists.
  • Virtual call center
    Route calls to remote health care advocates or set up an after-hours emergency line.
  • Document management to automate filing and indexing
    Use as an EMR solution to digitize hardcopy medical records. Custom file naming allows you to index by patient ID, date of visit, ICD-9 code or by any other convention.

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