Customer Segments

Small and medium sized businesses

Entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses are a vital part of any business community. We recognize that this customer segment's needs are different from others and have created our services and pricing options accordingly, so they can have the best in class services, affordably.

Innoport's Jump Start Business Plan was a direct outcome of our understanding that small to mid sized businesses would like the same collaborative capabilities as that of larger businesses but need an entry level Plan that Jump Start's their business to a brighter future. See for yourself, how our fax to email, voicemail to email, secure instant messaging and a host of other communications technologies can translate into a competitive advantage, we've seen our share of small businesses grow their businesses where Innoport has a played a vital role in such growth.

Enterprise businesses

Today's enterprise organizations face massive challenges in creating a robust, vibrant, productive and compliant workforce. Such organizations are large; disperse in both workforce and supply chains, yet have demanding goals towards achieving above average top line and bottom line growth. Efficient and reliable communication services play an integral role in keeping such businesses moving ahead in this fast paced world.

Innoport is currently serving some of the largest corporations in the U.S. We would like to believe that it is because we offer the best “value” to such companies. Our secure fax and voicemail delivery services and the recently introduced secure instant messaging shows the world that we understand and deliver on the specific needs of this market segment. Corporations have streamlined their workflow using our secure fax and voicemail to FTP service, our OCR fax cover sheet and instant provisioning of phone numbers to name a few select enterprise features.

Government Agencies

As a provider of services to several branches of the government, including the defense agencies, Intellicomm has had and continues today to have the privilege and expertise to provide services to the public sector. Our emphasis on security and commitment to secure messaging and communications services sets us apart from other vendors. Intellicomm continues to research and develop additional technologies that will continue to break new grounds and prove directly applicable to the needs and missions of the government sector.


A discerning consumer and a savvy individual these days finds value in saving time and using technologies that make his/her life manageable. Add to that the appeal of going green and saving the environment one day at a time, and our technologies are there to help create a better world (so we think and so we try). Our passion to make a difference using our technologies will continue to bring forth great strides in the area of communications in the consumer space.