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Intellicomm incorporates virtual PBX service into innoport

Release of auto attendant and call routing capabilities strengthen unified communications suite

Philadelphia, PA - August 11, 2003 - Intellicomm Inc., a leading provider of enhanced communication services, announced it has introduced a virtual PBX service to expand its innoport service line. Carrying out the responsibilities of a receptionist in an automated fashion, this service brings together a speech-enhanced interactive voice response (IVR) system and advanced call forwarding features to transfer callers to the appropriate person or department in an organization. From adoption as a main company number for remote workforces to use as a call center solution, innoport's virtual PBX solution creates a professional office telephone system for any size business and work environment.

With innoport's virtual PBX service, customers have the flexibility of creating an auto attendant tailored to individual business requirements. All changes are made via web administration and take effect instantly. Customers can choose to set up a main greeting that plays round-the-clock or multiple greetings to play during different days and times, such as business-hours versus after-hours. Callers may select menu options or mailbox extensions through the convenience of natural voice commands or by using the touch tone keys on their keypad. Additional features that innoport's virtual PBX offers include both dial-by-name and full listing directory assistance, personal outgoing greetings for each mailbox, voice mail to email and find me/follow me for forwarding calls to up to 5 phone numbers in sequence. Find me/follow me forwarding sequences can also be decided upon based on days and times.

innoport's virtual PBX service is packaged within the Corporate service plan and starts at less than $25.00 a month. This solution undercuts any on premise PBX system, yet innoport is rich with features only found in enterprise-level telephony equipment. Because the virtual phone numbers that innoport provides accept simultaneous calls and have no limit to the number of mailbox extensions that can branch from them, users can scale easily and quickly in the absence of on-site installations and telecommunications lines.

About Intellicomm

Innoport was developed by Intellicomm Inc., which has evolved into an enhanced communication services firm. Established in 1994, the company's knowledge and experience in designing and implementing custom Internet applications combined with its expertise in building a unified communications platform has led to the delivery of integration-based innoport solutions for corporate clients across various industries. Intellicomm remains focused on expanding its flagship innoport service to provide ubiquitous information access and management as well as on developing custom innoport solutions for automating the workflow processes of enterprise business operations. Intellicomm is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and its corporate website is Innoport can be found on the web at

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