About Us

Our Mission

To forge enduring relationships by designing innovative communication solutions that enable businesses and consumers to evolve.

Who We Are

Intellicomm is a unified communication services firm focused on advancing the evolution of integrated communications globally. It is committed to helping its customers cut costs, increase productivity and shatter the communication barriers that hold them back.

Intellicomm is the company of choice for thousands of customers that share its vision of Hosted Unified Communications. Intellicomm has or continues to serve some of the largest institutions in the country, several government agencies (including successfully concluded four year subcontract with a Department of Defense prime contractor), and thousands of small businesses and individuals. Intellicomm is passionate about the quality of services, security, privacy and integrity in providing its communications services to its customers.

Intellicomm, Innoport and its Founder and CEO have garnered media coverage in various magazines and online publications, such as, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNNMoney.com and BusinessWeek.

Company History

Intellicomm started as a custom software design and information technology consulting firm in 1994, founded by Harprit Singh, who holds an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School of Business and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. It developed custom software applications for clients such as Aetna U.S. Healthcare, Reuters and VerticalNet. It worked with Drs. Paul Green and Abba Krieger of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, to launch and market several marketing research software applications. Over the years, Intellicomm has transitioned into a hosted unified communications service provider.

The success of Intellicomm in the corporate consulting arena as well as the opportunity presented by unified messaging and communications transpired into Intellicomm's pursuit of Innoport, a service aimed at realizing the potential of unified communications. Through Innoport, Intellicomm is bringing the Fortune 500 class of high quality communications solutions to the entire business community at an affordable price.

From the time of inception, Intellicomm has been driven by key principles of (a) delivering exceptionally high quality software (b) unequivocal emphasis on customer and employee satisfaction and (c) leveraging the best in technology to solve business problems. Intellicomm continues to pursue these principles with every stride it takes and every new enhancement it adds to Innoport® and Innoport® Express.

Today, Intellicomm stands to be a global leader in hosted unified communication services.

Our Vision

Unified Communications - a powerful concept that has been pursued by several companies, but few have demonstrated a sustained commitment to it. In that commitment, Intellicomm stands apart. Our commitment is to relentlessly pursue innovative ways of integrating one's communication channels. The reason that Unified Communications requires a relentless and sustained commitment is because the way humans communicate is neverstatic, but is continuously evolving. What others see as a "moving target," Intellicomm sees as a "continuous opportunity," an opportunity to grow incrementally as our customers grow. We listen, We innovate and We deliver.

Innoport® is a powerful service, delivering on our vision of Unified Communications. By integrating fax, voice mail and hosted PBX capabilities into a single service, Intellicomm has allowed you, our customer, near ubiquitous access and manageability of your communications. While you read this, be assured, that we are working on the next best way to unify your communications, one feature at a time.

Our Customers

We service businesses of all sizes, from startups and small to medium size businesses all the way to Fortune 500 enterprises, and we have customers in just about every industry vertical, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and real estate. As an example, our U.S. customers have included (several are U. S. publicly listed companies):

  • one of the largest banks;
  • one of the largest private universities;
  • one of the world's well-known theme parks;
  • a leading national car rental company;
  • a leading index and ratings company;
  • a leading social and cloud marketing company;
  • a global IT and business process services firm;
  • a large sytems integrator for public and private sector;
  • hundreds of entities in healthcare / medical industry.
  • Additionally, our customers have also included several government agencies as well as non-profit organizations (including successfully concluded four year engagement with a Department of Defense subcontractor). While the majority of our customers are in the U.S., our customers have included representation from over 45 countries worldwide. Besides businesses, we, of course, welcome individuals to use our services as well to better manage their communications and we provide them with the same level of support and customer care as we do our business customers.