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Intellicomm Launches StraightReach (SM) Service to Bring Order to Phone Menu Chaos

The free StraightReach service provides a pioneering yet easy way to display phone menu and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts on websites.

King of Prussia, PA - November 23, 2009 - Intellicomm Inc., a leading provider of hosted unified communications has recently introduced the StraightReach service at to allow web site owners, webmasters and the global web community to easily display the phone menu prompts for their phone numbers directly on their web site.

The innovative service provides instant benefit to businesses with a clear display of the phone prompts associated with their sales, customer service, support or other corporate telephone numbers. The service addresses a growing frustration by callers worldwide who are fed up of waiting and wading through a complicated phone system structure. By clearly displaying the phone prompts on a website, customers can know in advance which option(s) may be applicable to their particular need.

"Smart businesses can leverage this service to have an immediate impact on their customer satisfaction and can use it as a competitive advantage to provide a fresh outlook at their customer support and sales efforts", said Harprit Singh, President and CEO of Intellicomm.

Businesses, call centers and IVR system users have been leaning towards outsourcing to reduce customer support costs rather than investing in innovative ways which help their customers get to their intended party efficiently for a quick resolution. It saves businesses telecom costs when the caller knows prior to calling which phone option they plan to choose rather than waiting and listening to the entire set of prompts, at times wandering and re-listening to the set of prompts to figure out the appropriate selection.

The service involves a few simple steps to get started and there is no registration or login required. For more information, visit the StraightReach service web site at

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